{April 14, 2012}   My monitor won’t come on…

Caller: My monitor screen is black and I can’t get it to come on

Me: Did you try moving the mouse around? and did you try hitting enter on your keyboard?

Caller: Yes and it is still not coming on.

Me: Ok, what color is the little light down on the corner of the monitor, yellow or green?

Caller: I don’t see a light.

Me: Ok what about the light on the tower? Yellow or Green?

Caller: I don’t see a light.

Me: You don’t see a small little light on either the monitor or the tower?

Caller: No

Me: Ok…..(snickering here) Do you see the little black square power button on the tower?

Caller: Yes

Me: Push that button in and tell me what happens.

Caller: Ok……..Oh my monitor is coming on now

{April 11, 2012}   wifi Really!?

Caller: I’m trying to access the site and I keep getting an error message.

Me: Ok, what does the error message say?

Caller: It says error page can not be displayed.

Me: Ok, are you on a company computer or a home computer?

Caller: I’m on my home computer.

Me: Well I can try to help you with the application, but according to policy we can not trouble shoot your home computer.

Caller: Ok

Me: What browser are you using?

Caller: My wifi in my house, the same I always use.

Me: Sir the wifi is how you connect to the internet, not how you view information from the internet. Are you using Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome?

Caller: No I’m using my wifi.

Me: Sir I’m sorry but I am not going to be able to assist you. Your going to need to go in and use the company computer to access that application.


This is my very 1st post and just the beginning of my daily adventures and trials in tech support…..first a little history I have been in the technical support and computer repair field for over 10 years.  I have heard things that just leave me shaking my head, or at times having to mute a call because I am laughing so hard.  This was one of those mute calls……


First I should say that this particular application had been up and down all day because of the server being bogged from too many users trying to access it at the same time and I had already taken over 100 calls on this same problem. There is no fix, except to wait patiently for others to get out of the server.

Me: Thank you for calling ____________  ___________ how may I help you?

caller: hi I am trying to log into ______ and I am getting this message “unexpected error  please contact your system administrator”.

me: oh yes I am familiar with that message. I have been getting it all day myself as well.

caller: really! have you contacted the system administrator?

me: (trying really hard not to laugh) I am the system administrator.



et cetera

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